COLLEGECornell University (2013-2016)
2018 Final X champion
Second in 2017 and 2018 U.S. Open
2017 Guelph International champion
2016 NCAA champion
Four-time NCAA All-American
Four-time EIWA champion

FAMILY FACTNahshon along with his wife Stefanie Garrett and sister Kandi Craddock run Reshoot, an initiative founded to help mentor younger members of the wrestling community.

Nahshon Garrett is a 2x State Champion, 5x Fargo All-American, 4x NCAA All-American, NCAA National Champion, and 2018 World Team member.



Nahshon uses an explosive and incredibly technical wrestling style that he calls "speedosion" a word that Nahshon made up to accurately depict his style. Although Nahshon is world-class in the sport his focus is on much more than just wrestling.  Reshoot does this by applying the principles of the 4 Cs, Community, Commitment, Compassion, Contribution.

Giving back is very important to Nahshon and besides Reshoot he gives back by running his wrestling academy in Kingsport Tennessee. Where he tells the kids to, "trust the process. Enjoy the journey. Give 100% effort, focus, and intention."

Scraplife is proud to support Nahshon in his journeys on and off the mat.


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