Lightweight Design:

Don't sacrifice performance for speed. The Velocity's flexible sole and lightweight build bends and moves with you, ensuring powerful grip and stability from any angle. Strategic reinforcements provide support and durability where you need it most, but no added fluff that will weigh you down. So you can focus on dominating the match, not worrying about your shoes.

Flexible Traction:

Velocity has an omnidirectional tread pattern, designed to stick to the mat no matter your position. Scrambles, takedowns, and throws? Bring it on. The Velocity keeps you grounded and in control, ready to capitalize on every opening with lightning speed. 

Style meets substance:

Look as good as you wrestle with the Velocity's diverse range of eye-catching color options. Express your personality on the mat, while knowing your shoes are built to withstand the toughest competition.

Unbeatable value, unmatched performance

The Scraplife Velocity is the perfect shoe for wrestlers of all levels who demand speed, agility, and unwavering support from top to bottom.

Scraplife: Built to Last, Built to Dominate.

All of our products are crafted with unmatched durability and quality, ensuring that they stand up to even the most intense training sessions and competitions.The Scraplife Velocity isn't just another wrestling shoe, it's the culmination of countless hours of experience, and expertise poured in by the Scraplife Squad, comprised of world-class athletes. Every inch, every stitch, every curve in this shoe is meticulously crafted, reflecting the specific needs and demands of the champions who helped bring it to life…
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