2018 Cadet World champion
2018 and 2019 Junior World silver medalist
2019 U23 World silver medalist
2016 Cadet World bronze medalist
2019 U23 World Team Trials champion
Second in 2019 Senior World Team Trials Challenge Tournament
Third in 2019 and 2020 U.S. Senior Open
2017 Pan American Cadet champion
2016 Wisconsin High school state runner-up against boys


In 2018 she became a Cadet World champion and a Junior World Silver medalist. She is also a 4x Fargo National Champion. Her senior accolades are starting to add up as well including, 2nd in the 2019 World team trials, 3rd in the 2019 U.S. Open, and 2nd in the 2020 U.S. Open.



Women’s wrestling is currently experiencing the rise of its next star. Macey Kilty from Stratford, WI has had incredible success at a very young age and is currently knocking on the door of the senior division. She became the first female Wisconsin state finalist in 2016 then went on to become a Cadet World Bronze medalist that same year. In 2019 she was again a junior silver medalist and a U23 silver medalist.

The word Macey uses to describe her wrestling style is pressure and many would say that is exactly what she is putting on the established senior-level athletes. Macey in many ways is still the young buck in the room, but her advice to younger wrestlers is to, "Have fun, work hard, and don’t worry about being the wrestler with the most moves. I’ve learned, and at the highest level, the simplest and easiest techniques win some of the biggest matches."

Scraplife and the entire wrestling community agree that the future is very bright for Macey Kilty.


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