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BSN SPORTS Field Sales Team- THIS IS AN EXCITING TIME… BSN has partnered with the fastest growing vendor on the wrestling mats… SCRAPLIFE !!!

BSN SPORTS is the EXCLUSIVE team dealer provider of ScrapLife wrestling product to the institutional market (schools and colleges). We also have a preferred sales position as it relates to Club wrestling opportunities. ScrapLife sublimated apparel is produced by D.A.L. (part of the Founder Sport Group family of companies). Sell with CONFIDENCE !


Key information

All sublimated product orders will go through Vendor # 1029950 and all stock/non-sublimated product will go through Vendor # 1029989. Products are SKU’d up with “SL” prefix followed by Scraplife’s product number.


Scraplife Sublimated Product: Vendor ID # 1029950 (Listed as RMB III)

  1. Phone: 1-800-333-6063
  2. EMAIL:
  3. Contacts: Parrish Franklin (Ext. 7074)
  4. Uniform Builder:


ScrapLife Stock Product: Vendor ID # 1029989 (shown- ScrapLife II)

Questions regarding sales:

  1. Sales: Marshall Kaplan 214-676-4304
  2. Email:

Customer Service:

Remember to visit VISION to get the latest wrestling flyers and vendor information!

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